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Pawn Stars Houdini's Handcuffs (HD, TV-PG) The staff views handcuffs & leg shackles owned by escape artist Harry Houdini, a 1999 Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy and Pep cereal buttons from the 1940s.
Pawn Stars Sharpe Shooters (HD, TV-PG) Realizing their impact in the Civil War, Rick may buy a pioneering Gatling Machine Gun and an 1863 Sharps rifle; the Old Man views a 1915 Ford Model T taxi.
The King of Queens Supermarket Story (HD, TV-G) Arthur convinces Carrie to make a home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner; at the store, Carrie pesters another shopper for tips but her methods border on stalking.
The King of Queens Fixer Upper (HD, TV-PG) Carrie fixes Spence up with a woman; After an embarrassing incident, their romance progresses, until Doug tells him to end his 30-year bout with celibacy.
College Basketball Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Boston College Eagles from Silvio O. Conte Forum (TV-G) Notre Dame (15-11, 5-8) is 4-8 since Bonzie Colson went out, but beat Boston College (16-10, 6-7), 96-85, on Feb. 6 for its 10th straight over the Eagles.

The Facts of Life The Return of Mr. Garrett (TV-PG) Mrs. Garrett accepts her ex-husband's remarriage proposal, but changes her mind when she finds out he is teaching the girls how to gamble.
The Facts of Life I.Q. (TV-PG) The girls become obsessed when they are forced by the headmaster to take I.Q. examinations, and their results do not reflect their reputations.
The Facts of Life Overachieving (TV-PG) Tootie's father thinks Mrs. Garrett's sway over his daughter is holding her back since Tootie's latest asipiration is to open a beauty salon.
The Facts of Life Emily Dickinson (TV-PG) Blair turns in an Emily Dickinson poem about beauty as her own, but gets caught when the headmaster submits it into a poetry contest, and it wins.
The Facts of Life Dieting (TV-PG) Sue Ann goes on a crash diet after the anxiety of everyone's body-consciousness, and Blair's insinuation that a boy won't like her, makes her feel fat.
The Facts of Life The Facts of Love (TV-PG) To the chagrin of the headmaster, Mrs. Garrett teaches a sex education class; in the meantime, Blair gets into a compromising situation with a boy.
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