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Mike & Molly Gone Cheatin' (HD, TV-14) Mike's plans to have a gentlemen-only fishing trip are ruined after Carl extends an invitation to Victoria, which prompts Mike and Vince to invite their women.
The King of Queens Fight Schlub (HD, TV-PG) Doug strikes up a friendship with a driver from a rival company at the cost of his coworkers' respect, only to find that he has been lured into a trap.
The King of Queens Mammary Lane (HD, TV-PG) Carrie agrees to baby-sit her boss's son but is disgusted when the toddler is obsessed with her breasts; Spence's TiVo thinks he is gay.
black-ish Andre from Marseille (HD, TV-PG) When Zoey introduces Dre to her boyfriend, also named Andre, Dre has trouble adjusting to her dating someone who is white and from France.
black-ish The Dozens (HD, TV-PG) Dre discovers Andre Jr. is being bullied, and teaches him how to trash talk his enemies; Bow spends some sleepless nights with Diane, who is afraid of the dark.
Friends The One with Phoebe's Husband (HD, TV-14) The gang is amazed to learn that Phoebe married a gay Canadian ice dancer to help him get his green card; Ross seeks sexual advice from Rachel regarding Julie.

« Cold Case Joseph (HD, TV-14) Lilly becomes dangerously enthralled with the victim in the 2005 murder of a drug counselor who was scheduled to testify against a student.
The Closer Identity Theft (HD, TV-PG) After returning from her honeymoon, Brenda quickly suspects that a man who confessed to murder during her absence may not have committed the crime.
The Closer Smells Like Murder (HD, TV-14) Brenda helps Gabriel prepare for his detective exam by teaming up on a case; Brenda and Fritz consider sending Charlie home after she causes serious problems.
The Closer Maternal Instincts (HD, TV-14) The squad members deal with the aftermath of a deadly shooting spree; Brenda and Fritz disagree about the tactics they should use to help Charlie.

The Patty Duke Show The Tycoons (TV-G) Cathy makes her own dress, which becomes quite popular with the other students at school, and the girls are asking her to make similar dresses.
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Nascar Week: Kurt Busch (TV-PG) Contestant and NASCAR driver Kurt Busch attempts to prove that he is smarter than a fifth grader as he gets quizzed on basic elementary school subjects.
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Nascar Week: Denny Hamlin (TV-PG) NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin attempts to prove that he is smarter than a fifth grader as he answers questions about various basic elementary school subjects.
Highway to Heaven Heaven on Earth (TV-PG) An unusual assignment requires that Jonathan comfort his own depressed widow, who is longing to see her daughter and family once again.
Highway to Heaven Summit (TV-PG) Mark and Jonathan attempt to bring together a mother and her son, who has managed to grow up to become the premier of the U.S.S.R.
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